Our Story

Merci and GrandpaOllen O. Craig founded Craig Paving, Inc. in 1956

His working life began as a child in the fields of a family farm in North Carolina. Leaving as a teenager to see the world in the US Navy during WWII, he became a Ships Carpenter. Following naval service, he moved to Hagerstown, MD to work as a carpenter, and by the 1950’s, had his own home construction company.

Many homes built at that time offered “turn-key” construction, meaning your home contractor covered all areas of the building of your new home, including the asphalt driveway. Finding little success in the construction of homes, Mr. Craig began paving the driveways for his building competitors and Craig Paving, Inc. was born.

The business has continued to grow and prosper. Since 1956, our production of material has now come close to 10,000,000 tons of HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt) and, with over 85 employees, Craig Paving, Inc. has grown to a commercial paving contractor capable of handling all your paving needs.