Job: Asphalt Roller Operator

Title Asphalt Roller Operator
Categories Asphalt Paving Personnel
Location Hagerstown, Maryland
Job Information

Job Description: Perform asphalt roller operator duties described below on an asphalt paving lay down crew.

Main Responsibilities/Qualifications:

  • Operate equipment safely and efficiently for compacting newly paved asphalt surfaces.
  • Operates from platform of the machine and moves levers, pedals or throttle to move and guide the machine.
  • May oil, grease, service and make normal operating adjustments to the equipment.
  • May perform other duties as required.
  • Responsible for safety of self and fellow workers.
  • Experience Required.

Work Conditions/Physical Requirements:

  • The job requires the following motions: standing, walking, stretching, bending, lifting, pulling, twisting, throwing, reaching and squatting.
  • Will be exposed to sometimes extreme hot and cold temperatures.
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