At Craig Paving safety is of the utmost importance. Every year across the country, over 40,000 people are injured and roughly 800 people die as a result of work zone accidents – 85% of those injuries and fatalities are directly attributed to the traveling public. Therefore, we ask that you follow these safety tips while traveling through a construction work zone. Click here for a list of upcoming road closures

Be Patient

There are times we must close a lane or even an entire road to ensure the safety of both motorists and workers. We realize this can result in delays and frustration and ask you to remember that roadwork today means safer roads tomorrow.

Slow Down

Make sure to follow the posted speed limits

Eliminate Distraction

Avoid the use of mobile phones, changing stations on your radio, reaching for objects in your car, and even distracting conversation with a passenger while passing through work zones.

Stay Alert and Pay Attention

Work zones can change from day to day. Make sure you obey the signs in a work zone and keep an eye out for workers.

Be Polite

Don’t tailgate or change lanes while in a work zone and make sure you merge with caution.

Obey Flaggers

As you approach a flagger, please slow down, be respectful, and follow their directions. Their job is to ensure your safety on the roadway.